A Roofing Manufacturer With a Different Approach

BML Metals strives to offer the best metal roofing and gutter products and to provide our customers and contractors with exceptional service at a competitive price. Specializing in hidden fasteners, BML Metals offers smp and pvdf finishes in range from 22 gauge to 26 gauge metal for residential, commercial and industrial buildings and also offer roofing accessories.

We are Cape Breton’s only metal roll forming,

metal roofing and siding manufacturer.

The last roof you will ever need!

Some of the benefits of our standing seam metal roofs…

• Will protect your home for decades to come.

• It adds resale value to your home

• No holes or penetrate fixings

• No joints or laps

• Made and cut to any length on site, so no joints.

• Suitable for low pitch and high wind areas

• Can be installed vertically

• Choice of Copper, Steel, Aluminum

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