Tools & Accessories

We offer a full range of accessories to finish your project.

We are proud to work with our manufacturing companies to be able to offer quality accessories such as Butyl Tape, Sealant, snow guard, S-5 clamps, powder coated screws, foam closers, flex o vent as-well as stainless steel rivets powder coated to your colour needs. and many more options critical to of your project.

Tools & Accessories In-Store

Need roofing tools or accessories? We have you covered with a variety of items!


Condor High Elasticity Abrasion Resistance Gloves

Ultralight Polyurethane Coated Gloves

T50 Staples

3/8″ – 10mm

16” magnet sweeper with strap

1″x3″ Double Layered Hand Seamer

1″x6″ Double Layered Hand Seamer

1″x9″ Double Layered Hand Seamer

1″x12″ Double Layered Hand Seamer

6mm-10mm Hammer Tacker

2-Notch Deep

Hook Blades

5 Pack

13″ Contractor Grade Caulking Gun

18″ Folding Tool

18mm Snap-Off Blades

10 Pack

18mm Snap-Off Blades

50 Pack

Hand Sanditizer Gel 


46″ Roof Ripper with D-Handle

Adjustable Roof Bracket

Knuckle Saver Roofing Knife

Ladder Hook with Wheel

Left Cut Aviation Snips

Right Cut Aviation Snips

Offset Left Aviation Snips

Offset Right Aviation Snips