Hidden/Semi-hidden fastener

1″ Nail Strip Snap Lock

Snap lock standing seam is created by “snapping” on side of a metal roofing panel onto another so that they hook together and are fastened to the roof by a nailing flange then hidden by the next sheet, no special tools needed for installation.

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1.5″ Mechanical Lock

Mechanically seamed metal roofing panels are attached to the home or structure by securing a clip that hooks over one leg of the metal panel.

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1.5” Nail Strip Snap lock

1.5” Snap lock creates a seamless line from ridge to eave with a 1.5” rib height.

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1.5” Snap Seam

Offers you a raised seam and low slope to your architectural and structural sheet metal panels.

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1” Soffit & Wall Panel

This concealed direct fastened system is used for walls, soffit, fascia or linear applications. This panel has coverage of 8-24” and comes in 22, 24 and 26 gauge.

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Flat Lock Panels

Flat Lock wall and roofing panels are available in a square, rectangle or rhombic panel in various sizes.

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