Paint Coatings

Things to consider when purchasing paint finish for your future investment for your roof or siding:

• Acrylic- and polyester-based paints are synthetic polymers, which have a durable, abrasion-resistant surface. If the paint on the metal panels is factory-applied, maintenance and repair coatings should be considered for application within the first five years.

• The (SMP) silconized polyester blend provides good chalk resistance and gloss retention. Maintenance and repair coating should be considered after 30 years of exposure.

• Polyvinylidene fluoride resin (PVDF) is also known as kynar 500. The PVDF resin is an exceptionally stable compound that provides extraordinary durability, color stability and resistance to ultraviolet radiation, heat and chalking. The finished surface is dense, smooth and stain-resistant. It’s made with 70 percent resin and 30 percent pigments and solvents. exceptional performance, particularly in severe climates, sun and salty air.

Weathering Steel

is unique and beautiful finish that add’s a rustic feel to your roofing or siding project, Corten offers you a choice beyond shingles, clay, or painted metal.


Stocked Colours

Custom Colours

SMP Prepainted Steel

PVDF Prepainted Steel 

PVDF Prepainted Steel (Woodgrain Series)