Pre painted Galvalume

Introducing the best of both worlds:

color and corrosion resistance

This versatility allows it to be used to match or co-ordinate with textures and patterns produced by most other building materials, including exposed concrete, wood, and glass curtain wall systems.

The manufacture of ArcelorMittal pre painted GalvalumeTM steel starts with the Galvalume substrate and its highly corrosion resistant 55% aluminum-45% zinc alloy coating. The coated steel then passes through one of many available modern continuous coil coating lines that carefully apply and factory-bake a broad range of paint systems.

Pre painted Galvalume steel is made to rigid specifications, and quality tested to meet the steel and Galvalume coating requirements of ASTM A792/A792M. The paint system is applied to the paint manufacturers’ specifications and tested in accordance with stringent standards recommended by the National Coil Coaters Association (NCCA).

This combination of long-lasting Galvalume sheet and modern high-performance paint systems results in durable, versatile, colorful, and economical building products.

Architects, building designers, contractors and owners have turned to pre painted Galvalume steel because of design flexibility and long-term durability, combined with a wide spectrum of colors, all of which enhance the appearance, life expectancy, and value of buildings. Over 800 million square meters (80 billion square feet) of pre painted Galvalume sheet covers buildings in all types of climates and environments in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Pre painted Galvalume comes with a factory applied, baked-on finish. Processing on a paint line includes cleaning, followed by the application of a pre-treatment, primer, and colorful finish coat, all in one continuous process. Typical paint systems include polyesters, silicon modified polyesters, polyurethanes and fluoropolymers (Kynar®/ Hylar®). The unexposed side is typically pretreated and coated with a wash coat or backer coat. The following schematic of pre painted Galvalume sheet demonstrates these product features.