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We specialize in steel roofing, siding and trim and strive to provide our customers with the best quality products and service as well as outstanding prices.

BML Metals Ltd is Cape Breton’s first and only metal roofing and metal siding company. We offer our customers a wide variety of colours to suit residential, commercial and agricultural roofing needs.

With metal roofing on the rise there are many advantages to metal roofing and siding. Metal roofing will last as long as the structure, weighs less than traditional roofing systems and provides better protection from our weather systems.

Not only do we aspire to provide the best quality metal roofing and siding we also have many breathtaking colours and styles to choose from.

About Us

Nolan Brown


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David MacLean


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Where we’re located

Address (manufacturing facility):
5759 Cabot Trail Road, Lake O’Law, Inverness County, NS

Address (registered billing address):
3127 Highway 395 East Lake Ainslie, Inverness County, NS, B0E3M0